Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not quite done BUT...

Today, I'm going to jump in and talk a bit about what I'm doing with The Paper Iris template album. First of all, let me say, these templates are sold for beginners but man, the possibilities of what can be done with them! In my opinion, a beginner could buy these sets and never need another set of templates for months! 
You can put photos where journaling is and put journaling where photos are, you can flip these templates around, divide them into 1 page layouts and put them together differently than they already are to make DIFFERENT 2 page layouts...the possibilities are endless and at $3.50 for the set....YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT! I've been trying many different things with these templates and I will make sure to document each one so that you can do it yourself but heres the first one:

As I'm sure most of you know, this is hybrid scrapbooking. Now, go easy on me as this album is NOT completed but I wanted to go through this process and document the steps so that anyone that doesn't know how to do this can! 

Hybrid is basically combining digiscrapping with paper scrapbooking. It can be as little as making a digital element in word or as big as making your whole layout in Photoshop and adding in paper bits around it all.

What I've done here is started with my templates from The Paper Iris. In Photoshop, I opened the templates, added my photos and journaling, and printed them out to the size I needed (I needed a 8x8 so I went into photoshop, opened my template, went to the toolbar and selected Image-Resize-Image Size). If you are a beginner and don't know how to get pictures and journaling into the templates, my suggestion would be to check out this awesome tutorial from The Paper Iris in which she outlines how to put photos in her templates as well as add digital elements to the template. Its great! Click Here

After printing the templates out, its really as easy as adding paper and a few embellishments and your good to go! 

Now, I tend to be an "assembly line" scrapbooker. When I have an album I want to do like this, I like to get a pattern and complete it that way. I like to make all of the digital templates, then print all of the digital templates out, then put paper behind them and put them all in the album, then add all the embellishments. 

Some scrapbookers like to go page by page and create. I've found thats just not for me. My most important goal when I scrapbook is getting my story out and doing so in a creative fashion. I'm not looking to bedazzle every page but I do want to put my mark on it.

I've also found that I like simple, clean pages and I hope to accomplish that look as I finish this album. I'll be working on this album for the next few days and finishing it up. Look for it very soon to see the finished product of what you can do with The Paper Iris template and a little bit of paper! Also, look for more ideas with what you can do with this template package..I am far from done with it.

Until then, head over to her site and check out her Template Bonanza! You'll be glad you did! 


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